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MCN 2016 Sessions – Strategic and Integrated Analytics / Making Data About Museums Actionable

Strategic and Integrated Analytics / Making Data About Museums Actionable

Session Leader : Bruce Wyman, Principal, USD Design | MACH Consulting
Co-Presenter : Kate Haley Goldman, Principal, Haley Goldman Consulting
Co-Presenter : Corey Timpson, Vice President, Exhibitions, Research, and Design, Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Co-Presenter : Douglas Hegley, Director of Media & Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Friday, November 4, 2016 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

An emerging discipline is beginning to appear in the museum field — one of data-driven decision making. While individual departments have long used their own internal analytics tools to help make business decisions, it’s only in the recent years that data sources have substantially improved thus enabling potentially wider and more integrated application. Data sources now include everything from point-of-sale and membership data to back-end analytics of in-gallery interpretation. Data collection is the critical first step but beyond that the actual process of analysis, reliable interpretation, and learning how to effectively implement systems to use that information is still new to the culture heritage sector. This is one of the most important emerging frontiers in the museum field. It’s increasingly possible to review and use multiple sources of data to provide a more comprehensive view of how museums are being used, the intricate pathways of audience engagement, sustained relevancy and personalized relationship-building. Data sources are becoming more numerous, designing the right questions, accurate analysis and interpretation of the data, and building processes for using data, however, are hard. Our panel will review projects at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Minneapolis Institute of Art to look at how data collection is being performed, how it aligns with institutional goals, and how business decisions and strategic planning have evolved as a product of a detailed review of data leading to the overhaul of existing practices. We’ll share the thinking that goes into the data collection and analysis process while giving practical insight into how this experience can be applied to other organizations beginning to head down this path. We will also look at approaches to making practical use of big data, from statistical analysis techniques to predictive analytics – and the potential staffing and ethical implications of this emerging practice.




MCN 2016 Sessions – Making the Workplace We Want

Making the Workplace We Want

Friday, November 4, 2016 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Session Leader : Greg Albers, Digital Publications Manager, J. Paul Getty Trust
Co-Presenter : Annelisa Stephan, Manager for Digital Engagement, J. Paul Getty Trust

What does a genuinely human-centered workplace feel like—and what can you do to create it? Focusing on positive cultural and operational change for digital staff in the museum workplace, this unconference-style session will include group brainstorms and hands-on activities that explore how meaningful change can happen through small, generous actions from individuals across the org chart. We’ll generate ideas for concrete actions we can take right now around the conference themes. The following three themes are proposed, but will be open for referendum at the beginning of the session: • Collaboration—Connect with respect and true partnership • Inclusion—Create safe space for everyone to participate and act authentically • Experimentation—Work from creativity and joy We’ll focus on fostering equitable work cultures that provide alternatives to the dominator paradigm. The presenters will also share their own successes and failures in their quest for culture change, with a focus on trust, open communication, digital literacy, and the occasional happy hour. Come ready to share your own strategies, aspirations, and gripes, and leave with actionable ideas for making your own museum more collaborative, dynamic, and just plain personal—including a commitment to go back and do one thing in the following weeks to make your workplace what you need it to be. — Session emcees Greg Albers and Annelisa Stephan work on digital publications and digital engagement, respectively, at the J. Paul Getty Trust. When not building books or blogs, they often find themselves hatching up plans to increase digital literacy and joyful culture across the Getty. In 2013 they and fellow Getty tugboats, started the “10-Minute Tech” program of informal peer-to-peer training. This spring they put together the Getty’s first “Digital Share,” an on-site retreat for staff working on digital projects, that featured lightning talks, tech demos and tours, small group discussions, and a reception.

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