The MCN Board of Directors has fifteen elected members, each of whom serves a term of three years. Directors are elected by the membership before each annual conference. Per the MCN By-Laws, each Director may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms; the President and President-Elect may serve as Directors ex officio after their elected terms. All Board Officers listed below are also Directors, with the exception of the Past President. More about the Board of Directors‘ duties and responsibilities and position descriptions for Board Officers.


Liz Neely


Museum Digital Experience Professional and Maker Educator/Enthusiast
Taos, NM


Loic Tallon

Vice President / President-Elect

Deputy Chief Digital Officer
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY

Ed Rodley


Associate Director of Integrated Media
Peabody Essex Museum

Carolyn Royston


Independent Consultant
London, UK


Dana Allen-Greil

Chief, Web and Social Media
National Archives
Washington, DC


Jane Alexander

Chief Information Officer
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, OH

Yvel Guelcé

Director of Infrastructure Technology
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

Rosanna Flouty

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Museum Studies
New York University

Amy Heibel

VP, Technology
Web and Digital Media
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Morgan Holzer

Senior Marketing Specialist
San Francisco, CA

Nik Honeysett

Director and CEO
Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Kyle Jaebker

Director IMA Lab
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis, IN

Victoria Portway

Head of Web & New Media
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Washington, DC


Scott Sayre

Chief Digital Officer
The Corning Museum
Corning, NY


Tim Svenonius

Senior Content Strategist, Interpretive Media
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Eric Longo

Executive Director
Museum Computer Network
Toll free (US only): 888-211-1477, extension 801
Outside US: +1-855-473-2339, extension 801


Carolyn Lagermasini

Conference Manager
Museum Computer Network
Toll free (US only): 888-211-1477, extension 802
Outside US: +1-855-473-2339, extension 802


Ryan Dodge

Digital Content & Community Manager
Museum Computer Network


Past Presidents

Charlotte Sexton (2014 President)
Allegra Burnette (2013 President)
Christina DePaolo (2012 President)
Douglas Hegley (2011 President)
Erin Coburn (2010 President)



MCN Mailing Address
228 Park Avenue South, #32991
New York, NY 10003