Volunteers are essential to ensuring the smooth execution of the MCN’s annual conference and year-round activities.

Eligibility Requirements

MCN volunteers are expected to:
• Be 18 years of age or older
• Attend a Volunteer Orientation Meeting
• Work a minimum of shifts
• Agree to and sign the Volunteer Agreement
• Acknowledge and adhere to the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

You can apply to volunteer in two capacities:

• Onsite Conference Volunteer
• Marketing Volunteer

Onsite Conference Volunteers:

• Conference volunteers help support the day-to-day conference onsite operations (registration, sessions, tours, etc.)
• Volunteers fulfill Roles for onsite Registration desk, Exhibition Hall, Attendee Reception, Sessions, Tour chaperone, Conference Bags, and at evening events.

Marketing Volunteers:

• Post content to social media channels, monitor and respond to the community.
• Play an active role in promoting MCN activities.
• Encourage community interaction and sharing of information of value to advancing digital transformation in the cultural sector.
• Roles include: Social Media Volunteers (multiple contributors who share the MCN conference experience); Video Volunteer (edits and organizes YouTube and SlideShare content, metadata, and distribution/promotion).

Volunteer Policies and Guidelines

• Volunteers receive guidance from an appointed Volunteer Coordinator (typically the Onsite Volunteer Coordinator and Marketing Committee Chair)
• Onsite Conference Volunteers are assigned specific shifts throughout the conference.
• Volunteers are representatives of MCN and are expected to act in accordance with MCN guidelines and standards.

Volunteer Benefits

• Gain experience working with a non-profit organization.
• Work with MCN Board of Directors and network with the MCN community.
• Conference volunteers are eligible to receive complimentary registration if a prerequisite number of shifts. Volunteer rewards do NOT include travel, accommodation or food.
• Year-round volunteers (e.g. Social Media Coordinator) may receive complimentary conference registration if they also attend and volunteer at the conference.

Volunteer Application

• Submit a volunteer application for any of our year-round volunteer positions.
• A call for Conference volunteers will be sent our prior to each annual conference.

Questions about volunteering? Contact volunteer@mcn.edu.