Seema Rao, Principal, Brilliant Idea Studio


Cathy Sigmond, Research Associate, RK&A, Inc.

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Humans are at the heart of every museum interaction: visitors who enter a physical front door, users who explore a website, fans interacting on social media, community members looking for support, museum staff and volunteers who create and nurture these spaces. In human-centered design, we seek to understand the needs of these people, and place those needs at the center of our work. The Human-Centered Design SIG aims to foster conversations in the MCN community and beyond about who we serve, how to understand their needs, and the role that museums can and should play in the broader human community. We begin with the principle that accessibility and equity are essential to museums, and place service to the community and world at the core of our work.

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Relevant topics include: 
  • Best practices and strategies for centering experience design
  • Integrating conversations about the visitor experience into the museum’s digital and
    analog processes
  • Exploring and advocating for best practices for inclusion and access