Kelsey Cvach, Digital Content Producer, U.S. Department of State


Ryan Waggoner, Creative Services Manager, Spencer Museum of Art

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This community is dedicated to sharing both the conceptual and technical knowledge for digital media production and distribution in a growing digital ecosystem.


Our mission is to support museum professionals through discussions on methods for digital media production (video, audio, text, etc.) as a storytelling and audience engagement device to manifest an organization’s identity and mission.

SIG Topics

MCN’s Media Production and Branding SIG maintains a technical focus on production methodology as well as developing brand identity through creation and distribution of digital content.

This community seeks to support and foster conversation around the following topics:

  • Branding as a relationship building tool for museums
  • Telling stories to develop brand identity with digital media
  • Production styles and benchmarking approaches for digital content development
  • How branding can inform technical approaches to content production
  • Distribution of content: Website, Apps, Vimeo, YouTube and social platforms
  • How brand drives decisions in user experience and interface of web channels
  • Live distribution: streaming, broadcast and social media platforms
  • Establishing best practices for production and distribution of digital content
  • Evaluating the digital media with test audiences and analytics to improve production practices and accessibility of content