We need you to help make MCN’s 50th birthday a year to remember.

Below are the planned activities. Each has opportunities for you to get involved. Let us know which project you are interested in, and we will connect you with the project lead. Contact us directly at mcn50@mcn.edu to volunteer. Susan Edwards and Marla Misunas, #MCN50 committee co-chairs, will respond to you right away!

Want us to place you where you are needed most? ➙ This short form will let us know what area you are interested in.

  • MCN50 Voices—Volunteer to be interviewed, or to interview someone else in the field and write a blog post about the interview. We’re hoping to get 50 interviews over the course of the year, with people at various stages of their careers, so we need many volunteers for this! Learn more and sign up for this project here.
  • Job Descriptions History—Help research the history of museum technology job descriptions, and create a report or visualization of findings.
  • Timeline of MCN History—Help make a digital timeline with factoids and documents from the organization’s history. A small group has started working on this and could use more help. You can also help research MCN’s history online and in the archives.
  • Data Visualizations of MCN history or community—A group is already forming and thinking about data that can be mined, mapped, and visualized.
  • Archives Dives—Spend a day combing through MCN’s archives at the Smithsonian with a small group of people. A group is already planned for January 26-27, 2017. That event is full, but another may be planned if there is enough interest.
  • Throw MCN a birthday party—Host an in-person meeting in your city or region to celebrate. If you are willing to organize a meeting, let us know! Learn more and see the birthday toolkit we have prepared to help you connect to the larger MCN community.