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Hello Jason:
We've found the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones to be pretty rugged.
We use them in our studios, and they're designed for professional
monitoring and mixing. They might be worth trying in your exhibit. They
are a bit expensive.


There are straight and coiled cable versions.

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This is more of an AV question, but since we all multitask anyway.


We have a music exhibit that has been up for a year and will be up
14 months.  Within the exhibit are five listening locations with
With daily use (and abuse) we have gone through approximately 12 sets of
headphones since the exhibit opened.  


I was wondering if anyone had some experience with decent quality
that are designed for heavy use.  Since it is a Rock and Roll exhibit,
aren't really looking for "library study carrel" style, although they
probably last longer!  They do need to be tough though, as we often have
large (100+) groups of 4th through 12th graders wandering through the


Thanks in advance!





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