MCN 2023 Call for Proposals

The call for proposals is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal to MCN 2023.

We invite proposals highlighting innovation, emerging work, and critical themes in museum technology. The conference will sort sessions into three tracks: museum, computer, and network:

  • Museum: Take a closer look at the big picture and explore how technology has impacted the field, your organization, and yourself. 
  • Computer: From IT to interactives, APIs to audio guides, share the stories behind your work with computers and offer practical advice for your peers across the sector.
  • Network: Engage in free-flowing Open Space Discussions to explore the ideas, topics, and questions you bring to the conference—you are the session creator!

Please note, that you will be unable to save form drafts and submit them at a later date. We recommend drafting your session proposal in a separate document. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your proposal.

If you submitted your proposal before Tuesday, May 30, check your inbox. We’ve reached out to all individuals with a proposal on file. If you did not receive an email from us, it means we did not get your proposal(s), and you will have to resubmit. 

Read on to learn more about session types and requirements, as well as the proposal review process. All presenters are expected to abide by the presenters’ guidelines.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

15-minute Sessions

15-minute sessions are best suited for case studies, curated lighting talks, quick AMAs, and more. Program co-chairs reserve the right to group 15-minute sessions based on shared topics, format, and/or panelists. We recommend no more than three presenters in a 15-minute session.

45-Minute Sessions

45-minute sessions can accommodate panels, professional forums, hands-on demonstrations, and other longer-form topics.

Submission requirements

Proposals for 15- and 45-minute sessions must include the following information:

  • Abstract: Describe the topic your session will address, the overall structure, and types of activities you will use to engage attendees.
  • Track: Select the track you feel best suits your session. Please note that we will not be accepting proposals for this track. All sessions for the network track are created by attendees onsite. 
  • Target Audience: Identify your session’s intended audience(s). 
  • Learning Objectives: Tell us what you attendees will take away by participating in your session.
  • Equity and Inclusion: Share how your our session promotes a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and voices in museum technology.
  • Co-Presenters: Provide the name, affiliation, and contact information for all co-presenters included in your session.

Ignite Talks

Ignite has kicked off each MCN conference since 2012. These five-minute presentations are energizing and inventive, thought-provoking and fast-paced—and we mean fast. Presenters run through 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds! 

Watch the MCN 2019 Ignite Presentations

This year’s Ignite reception will be held on the evening of Wednesday, November 8. All speakers must participate in preparation calls through the summer and a rehearsal before the reception. 

Submission Requirements

Your Ignite proposal must include your title and description. For the description, keep it short and sweet. You have 500 characters or fewer to pitch us your talk.

Open Space Discussions

Open Space Discussions (OSD) topics are only collected onsite at the conference. 

In addition to the 15-minute and 45-minute sessions, we’re offering several OSD sessions. 

The OSD Opening Circle is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, November 9. During this breakout session, we will invite attendees to offer discussion topics. These discussion topics will be added to the schedule as OSD sessions throughout the conference.

All topics are accepted and each discussion will happen at a designated time and location. Attendees can offer up more than one topic.

Reviewing Proposals

Every proposal will be reviewed by the program co-chairs and a committee of volunteer proposal reviewers who bring a variety of expertise to the process. 

Together, they’ll evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Session purpose: proposed topic and learning ­outcomes 
  • Relevance: relation to MCN’s mission, conference tracks, and/or contemporary conversations in the museum sector 
  • Diversity, inclusion, and access: the extent to which the session makes space for underrepresented voices in the GLAM sector
  • Potential impact: the session’s contribution(s) to the conference and sector overall
  • Facilitation: presenters’ ability to lead the session and stimulate discussion at the conference
  • Format: a clear strategy for an engaging and informative presentation.