Information Technology SIG


Janice Craddock, Information Technology Director, Amon Carter Museum

As Director of Information Technology, Janice heads a department of three to provide technical support for about 120 staff. In her thirty years at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, she has seen firsthand how technology has changed, evolving into an increasingly vital role supporting the institutional mission—a change she has also witnessed during her twenty years involved with MCN. As IT SIG chair, Janice’s aim is to support new IT professionals and engage those with more experience in ongoing conversations about the fundamentals of IT operations and emerging technologies.


Brian Zlatic, Chief Technology Officer, Cincinnati Museum Center


Interested in joining the Information Technology SIG?

Fill out Google form here, someone will be in touch shortly. If you would like to be on the email list or Basecamp, contact janice.cradock [at] cartermuseum [dot] org.

Mission Statement

The MCN Information Technology Special Interest Group (IT SIG) provides a forum for museum information technology individuals to exchange technical information, keep current on emerging technologies, and share related management ideas to enhance the missions of our individual museums as well as to enhance the museum community as a whole.


The group communicates via the MCN-L listserv with “[IT SIG:]” in the subject line and through email on specific topics that affect the daily operations of IT Management. We have a Basecamp project for communication and resource sharing.