Media Production and Branding SIG


Ryan Waggoner, Creative Services Manager, Spencer Museum of Art

Ryan Waggoner is a visual storyteller with a passion for art and museums. He is currently Creative Services Manager at the Spencer Museum of Art, leading a team of employees in video production, collection photography and graphic design. Waggoner is a graduate of the University of Kansas and the Getty Leadership Institute.


Gregory Castillo, Multimedia Producer, Dallas Museum of Art

Gregory Castillo is the Multimedia Producer at the Dallas Museum of Art since 2015. In his role at the museum he works as a photographer, videographer and editor, creating digital content that helps the DMA reach audiences across North Texas and beyond.

Prior to his work in museums, Castillo was a photojournalist at the Dallas Morning News and at the Miami Herald. An alumnus of Miami Dade College, he is the co-founder of the award-winning pop-up restaurant Croquette at the Dallas Farmers Market. A first-generation Cuban/Nicaraguan American, Gregory is a native of Miami, Fl. He lives in Garland, Texas with his wife Jessica and their two cocker-spaniels Bastion and Ella.

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This community is dedicated to sharing both the conceptual and technical knowledge for digital media production and distribution in a growing digital ecosystem.


Our mission is to support museum professionals through discussions on methods for digital media production (video, audio, text, etc.) as a storytelling and audience engagement device to manifest an organization’s identity and mission.

SIG Topics

MCN’s Media Production and Branding SIG maintains a technical focus on production methodology as well as developing brand identity through creation and distribution of digital content.

This community seeks to support and foster conversation around the following topics:

  • Branding as a relationship building tool for museums
  • Telling stories to develop brand identity with digital media
  • Production styles and benchmarking approaches for digital content development
  • How branding can inform technical approaches to content production
  • Distribution of content: Website, Apps, Vimeo, YouTube and social platforms
  • How brand drives decisions in user experience and interface of web channels
  • Live distribution: streaming, broadcast and social media platforms
  • Establishing best practices for production and distribution of digital content
  • Evaluating the digital media with test audiences and analytics to improve production practices and accessibility of content