MCN 2020 Presenter Guidelines

Upon accepting to present your proposal as a session for MCN 2020 VIRTUAL, you agree to abide by the following Presenter Guidelines.  


Each session organizer and co-presenter (including invited presenter or panelist) must agree to:

  • Confirm that you will present at MCN 2020 by August 7, 2020. An individual can only participate as a presenter, co-presenter, or panelist in up to three (3) sessions for any session type throughout the program. 
  • Register for the conference by August 31, 2020 or your name will be removed from the program. Registration opens on August 7.
  • Let MCN schedule your session at a day and time it sees fit. MCN reserves the right to change the schedule as it sees fit. 
  • Use the Program Change Request Form to request a change to a scheduled session no later than September 6, 2020. Email requests will NOT be accepted. You are welcome to submit a request to change the date and time of your session due to any extenuating circumstances. MCN honors session change requests at its discretion. Changes are not guaranteed. 
  • Present your session virtually. Instructions for remote participation will be shared with you in the weeks ahead. 
  • Grant permission for MCN to record video and/or audio from your session and collect related materials (e.g. slide decks) to distribute at its discretion. Presenters can opt-out of this process through our Program Change Request Form.
  • Abide by MCN’s Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.

Each session organizer and co-presenter (including invited speaker or panelist) must agree to:

Session Presenters 

Presenters of all session types recognize the need for advance presentation and agree to present on the topic(s) outlined in your original session proposal. 

Ignite sessions

You agree to attend a few video conference calls with Nik Honeysett throughout the summer to develop and refine your talk . 


Because MCN charges an additional fee for workshops, you agree to the following:

  • Once your proposal for a workshop is accepted, MCN will expect you to deliver it using the platform(s) designated for the virtual conference.
  • You may cancel your workshop at no charge before September 15, 2020. Should you be unable to deliver your scheduled workshop after that date, you will be expected to find a suitable replacement at no cost to MCN, and with MCN’s approval.

All presenters will receive 50% off the cost of registration. 


You may cancel your MCN 2020 VIRTUAL conference registration and receive a full refund up until October 10, 2020. No exceptions.