Privacy and Safety

Beyond being considerate of the community and MCN’s code of conduct, also take time to consider how you want to show up and how much you want to share about yourself with others. We’ve made some privacy notes about each platform on How to MCN Virtual, but we want to share some more things you can do to manage your virtual presence.

Privacy and Safety Tips

  • Never share the Zoom session links with others! It is imperative to everyone’s privacy and safety that each person uses one of the two methods listed to access their session. Ten minutes prior to a session, attendees can either log into Sched or look in their email for the special Zoom link for that session.
  • Remember that the platforms we use are set up to be private to attendees. These are not secure spaces for sharing sensitive or secret information, don’t do that on Zoom or Slack. We’ll share information about some more secure platforms soon.
  • Check your Settings in Sched to ensure that your profile is not publicly visible if you don’t want it to be (Sched keeps new profiles private by default, but if you already have an account from another conference, you’ll want to double-check this).
  • Check your  Zoom screen name as it will display to participants by right-clicking on your name when your session starts and selecting rename. You can add your pronoun after your name here as well.
  • For more anonymity, you don’t need to use your image on your profile pic.
  • Virtual backgrounds can be used in Zoom video sessions to keep your location private. We’ll start a thread on slack for sharing your favorite museum tech themed ones 🙂
  • You can decide whether your video is on or off in sessions that are meeting style.
  • Use a VPN (see more about VPNs below) if you do not want your IP address to be linked to your conference participation.

If you need any support, each session will have a volunteer facilitator and tech support leads who are there to support your experience accessing the conference content. You can chat with them during any session to start a conversation or reach out to the tech lead on duty via Slack #mcn2020-helpdesk or email at

Data and Privacy

To support you in managing the data that these tools store about you, here are links to privacy and security statements and information about removing your data from each of them.

Privacy for your continued conversations

Want to continue a conversation at the MCN on a more private platform? We’ll add some tools here that offer better privacy than Zoom or Slack. 

While we expect everyone to continue to abide by the MCN’s Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct even when arranging events outside of the official MCN 2020 VIRTUAL schedule, MCN is not responsible for any content or experience you may have in a self-organized event.