Board of Directors, 2020-2021

Affiliations below were current during the term of service this page represents. They are not updated.
All Officers listed below were also Directors, with the exception of the Past President.


Mitch Sava
VP of Innovation and Engagement, Museum of Life and Science

Vice President / President-Elect
Yvonne Lee
Head of Collection Information and Digital Assets, LACMA

Nathan Adkisson
Director of Strategy & Associate Creative Director, Local Projects

Doug Allen
CIO, Oakwood University


Courtney OCallaghan
GLAM Digital Strategy & Engagement Consultant

Alexis Light
Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing, The Frick Collection

David Nuñez
Director of Technology and Digital Strategy, MIT Museum

Mark Osterman
Digital Experience Manager and Head of Education, Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami

Lisa Schermerhorn
Deputy Director, Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Erin Canning
Ontology Systems Analyst, LINCS, University of Guelph

Andy Cummins
Director of Product Development, Cogapp

Claire Pillsbury
Head of Museum Experiences and Digital Programs, Bay Area Discovery Museum

nikhil trivedi
Director of Engineering, Art Institute of Chicago

Don Youngberg
Community Organizer, Consultant

Past President
Matthew Tarr
Director, Digital Architect, American Museum of Natural History