Get Involved

An important part of MCN’s mission and its strategic plan is to provide pathways and opportunities for leadership development and career building to our members. MCN supports, connects, and empowers museum and cultural heritage technologists.

There are many different ways you can contribute to the MCN community, not just during the annual conference but also year-round.  Below we have outlined a few different pathways to get more involved in the organization beyond membership. We hope that all members of the community will get involved, learn, share, and build their own careers through their engagement with MCN.

Ongoing entry-level volunteer opportunities

MCN is an active, thriving community year-round. Are you looking to get involved in the MCN community outside of participating in the annual conference? Listed below are ways members can get involved if they are starting out with MCN.

Volunteer at the Annual Conference

Conference volunteers serve a variety of key functions in support of the annual conference. The work of these volunteers is typically limited to the time period immediately surrounding and during the annual conference. It is an opportunity for professional networking and discounted conference registration

Serve on a Conference Committee

Conference-focused Committees plan and develop different areas of the conference including the program, local events, volunteers, and media production. In this role you will build your professional network via collaborative learning and participating in projects related to addressing the community’s needs

Serve on a Board standing Committee

You may also serve on one of the Board’s Committees that focus on a specific functional area of the organization. Projects can range from marketing and development to technical support and planning.  Work directly with MCN Board members and earn experience planning, leading, executing, and evaluating initiatives that are important to the community. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in learning more.

Leadership-Level Volunteer Opportunities

Have you been a passionate and involved member of the MCN community for a few years and have ideas of projects or initiatives you want to lead? Are you someone who is interested in becoming more engaged in the strategic operations of the organization?

SIG Chair

SIG chairs serve a one-year renewable term, and commit significant time and effort to develop their SIG’s membership, plan activities and keep members engaged. SIG chairs are elected among their peers. Elections typically take place at the end of the year in December. Professional networking by developing and leading discussions related to addressing the community’s needs in specific practice areas in a leadership role that strengthens a future application for the MCN Board.

Committee Chair

A number of MCN’s standing committees are led by volunteers from the community. Committee Chairs serve renewable one-year terms and create guidelines and action plans to develop and execute initiatives for their committee. Not only do these opportunities provide excellent networking opportunities, you’ll gain leadership experience through projects related to the Conference or the organization’s strategic initiatives. This is also a leadership role that strengthens application for the MCN Board.

MCN President/Board Chair

MCN Board members are appointed before each annual conference and serve a term of three years. Board members commit 8-12 hours a month (or more depending on their responsibilities) to Board activities and play an active leadership role in delivering on MCN’s overall business in general and on assigned strategic priorities. Calls for board members are typically published every year in the summer. Develop and hone your strategic thinking and leadership skills with opportunities to lead initiatives that are vital to the development and maintenance of the community.

Volunteer Recruitment and Placement

Are you a SIG Chair or Committee Chair and have a role you are looking to fill? Members in need of assistance related to MCN business (SIGS, Board, Strategic Committees) can email [email protected] for more information.