Board of Directors, 2010-2011

Affiliations below were current during the term of service this page represents. They are not updated.
All Officers listed below were also Directors, with the exception of the Past President.


Douglas Hegley, General Manager of Digital Strategy
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vice President / President-Elect
Christina DePaolo, Director of New Media
Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Robert Stein, Deputy Director for Research, Technology, and Engagement
The Indianapolis Museum of Art

Rich Cherry, Director
Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Past President
Erin Coburn, Chief Officer, Digital Media
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Allegra Burnette, Creative Director, Digital Media
The Museum of Modern Art

Diana Folsom, Systems Manager
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Paul Marty, Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Studies
College of Communication and Information
Florida State University

Victoria Portway, Head of Web & New Media
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Nancy Proctor, Ph.D., Head of Mobile Strategy & Initiatives
Smithsonian Institution

Will Real, Director of Technology Initiatives
Carnegie Museum of Art

Charlotte Sexton, Head Digital Media
The National Gallery, London

Koven Smith, Director of Technology
Denver Art Museum

Nate Solas, Senior New Media Developer
Walker Art Center