What is Digital Now?

14 MINI-EVENTS OCT-NOV 2021 on TuesdaysWednesdaysThursdays and Nov. 9–10, 2021

MCN 2021 VIRTUAL: What is Digital Now?

Acknowledging the immense hardship and recalibration we’ve had to endure, we invited the community to consider “What is Digital Now?” This question encompasses the anxiety and uncertainty of the present while making space for curiosity and generative possibilities around how the future for digital technologies might look in museums.

About this conference

  • MCN 2021 VIRTUAL took place throughout October on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays + November 9 and 10 as 14 mini-events organized by tracks, each focusing on a specific practice area.
  • For the first time ever, MCN featured 4 Global Region Spotlights each exploring ‘What is Digital Now?’ from unique regional perspectives: Asia/Pacific – Oct 6 (Oct 7 in that region) + Middle East/Africa – Oct 13 + Europe – Oct 20 + Latin America – Oct 27.   
  • Networking and social events + SIGs Roundtables occurred throughout the conference.

Sponsors of MCN 2021

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Presented live on October 5, 2021

The Program

The most up-to-date information is always available on MCN Sched, below is a static representation of the conference schedule in Eastern Time that is accurate as of October 22, 2021.

Tuesday, October 5: Welcome to MCN 2021 VIRTUAL

Wednesday, October 6: Asia and Pacific Region

Thursday, October 7: Leadership & Strategy

And at the end of the day book time with funders for special office hours, you need to sign up in advance using the Calendly link on the session description:

Tuesday, October 12: Business Models, Financial Sustainability & Capacity Building

Wednesday, October 13: Middle East and Africa

Thursday, October 14: Interpretation, Storytelling & Education

Tuesday, October 19: Ethical Responsibilities of Museums 

Wednesday, October 20: Europe

Thursday, October 21: Experience Design & Immersive Technologies

And at the end of the day today, you can book time with funders for special Funders’ Office Hours sessions, you need to sign up in advance using the Calendly link found in the session description.

And since we can’t meet up in the hotel lobby, we’ll close the week with a Happy Hour in Spatial Chat that starts at 5pm ET! 

Tuesday, October 26: Why Museums? 

Wednesday, October 27: Latin America

Thursday, October 28: Professional Development day

Tuesday, November 9: Big Ideas!

Wednesday, November 10: Closing Keynote