About the Member Portal

In June of 2021, thanks to the support of Knight Foundation, MCN launched the Member Portal on mcn.edu to support the activities of the membership community. This page is dedicated to showing how the member portal works. The following video provides a walk through of member portal features as of the portal launch:

We are continuing to develop mcn.edu to support networking and sharing knowledge back to the community. Session recordings from both MCN 2020 and 2021 Virtual conferences are now available to members via the member portal, and we are improving the user experience with refinement and addition of new features.

Get started

Log in by using the new link in the main mcn.edu navigation.

Screenshot of mcn.edu main nav with an arrow pointed to Login under Member Login navigation.

If it is your first time logging in, you’ll want to use the Forgot Password link below the login fields. You can reset your password with the email address used to register your membership.

Screenshot of login fields and a link to Forgot Password below Log In button.

Account Home

After logging in, you will be directed to the Account Home of the portal. A sub navigation provides access to update your profile, adjust your account settings (including email notifications), manage your membership, and download payment invoices. 

The account home landing page (pictured below) provides announcements and button links to navigate the key areas of the portal. You can access additional MCN resources here, including MCN Slack and the new MCN Forum on groups.io that has replaced the email listserv. 

Screenshot of the Account Home page of a logged in member user displaying a secondary navigation, announcement, and button links to features of the portal and MCN services.

When logged in, you will find the Member Login navigation has updated to a Members option so you can navigate to the main areas of the member portal:

  • Account Home
  • Member Directory
  • Special Interest Groups
Screenshot showing the new Members navigation option in the main nav

Member Directory

Here you will find an alphabetical directory of all current MCN members. Currently search looks at the name, email, and organization fields of member profiles.

Special Interest Groups.

MCN’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the heart of the new Member Portal.

Screenshot of the Special Interest Group directory

All members can access the landing page of each SIG featuring a mission statement, current chair(s), and some recent posts to give you an idea of what members talk about. Use the Subscribe to SIG button to quickly add the SIG to your profile, or SIGs can be added by editing your member profile in the Account Home area.

Screenshot of the Digital Imaging SIG showing a mission statement, group chair, subscription button, and recent posts.

Once subscribed to a SIG you will find additional options to View all posts where you can see the entire history of SIG communications ported over from Basecamp, as well as contribute your own posts and reply to posts. Also below the SIG chairs you will be able to access a listing of current SIG members and Post attachments if you are looking for a particular file posted.

The SIG message boards feature is built in WordPress so this should be a pretty familiar posting format: a title and body text that supports text styling, links, images, and attachments. To share videos there is no need to use the embed code, simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo url and the video will render when you complete your post.

To stay in the loop with your SIGs be sure to opt into email notifications in your Account Settings.

Screenshot of Member Account Home showing Settings for SIG notifications

Lapsed membership?

If your membership has expired after logging in you’ll land on a page instructing you to update your membership registration information to start the membership purchase process. The form will contain all information as it last appeared on your membership profile.

When joining for the first time, or try to renew without logging in first, you might receive an error stating the email is already in use. If you receive this error, reset your password, login and then start the membership purchase process.

A Work in Progress

Lastly, this is our version 1 (MVP) of the portal and we’re excited to hear your feedback to help us prioritize new features and improvements to this first iteration. Below the links on the Account Home landing page you’ll find a link to share feedback with us or report any bugs you bump into. We are excited to roll out improvements and new features this year and your feedback will help us identify and prioritize what features are most important for you to get the most out of your MCN Membership.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to a new and improved MCN Membership experience.