Digital Imaging SIG


Christopher Ciccone, Photographer & Digital Asset Manager, North Carolina Museum of Art

I have been a Collections Photographer at the North Carolina Museum of Art since 2000, and an MCN member since 2014. My current duties also include digital asset administration and I am a member of MCN’s DAM SIG. Prior to my museum tenure I worked in a variety of commercial photographic settings. Having experienced the industry transition from film to digital has given me a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the field. Membership in the MCN Digital Imaging SIG has been extremely helpful to me in my profession and I am enthusiastic about contributing to its ongoing success. I’m particularly interested in encouraging more practical and technical imaging presentations at MCN conferences as well as facilitating ongoing engagement and collaboration between large and small institutions. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and will do my best to sustain the excellent leadership of our current Chairs.

Mission Statement

The Digital Imaging Special Interest Group (DI SIG) is MCN’s prime resource for knowledge concerning the general topic of museum photography as well as the emerging field of computational imaging. The Digital Imaging SIG pools experience on workflows and best practices and the respective hardware and software involved, and makes its collective knowledge available to the broader MCN membership via SIG resources on the MCN website. The DI SIG hosts workshops and talks at the annual MCN conference covering topics of its concern, and networks with other organizations within their field.


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