2017 Call for MCN Board Directors (open June 1-30, 2017)

MCN board meeting

We’re pleased to announce the 2017 call for candidates to be considered for a seat on the Board of Directors of MCN. This year, MCN is looking to recruit five (5) board members to replace those whose term will be ending in November.


MCN is a welcoming and candid community of professionals passionate about empowering individuals and their museums to address challenges and embrace opportunities within the evolving digital landscape.

For many, serving on the board of MCN is a way to give back to an organization and a community that have helped them throughout their museum careers, but you will also benefit greatly from the experience. Serving on the Board of MCN also gives you an opportunity to be part of a team of talented museum professionals who, together with MCN’s Executive Director, shape the strategic direction of the organization and constantly think about new ways to better serve the needs of our community.


2017 is a milestone year for MCN as it celebrates its 50th anniversary! Founded in 1967 by a group of museum professionals eager to explore how computers could change their work and that of museums, MCN has provided a space for our community to connect, share their experience and learn from each other, in order that we advance the thinking around emerging technologies in museums. Much has changed in the past 50 years, but what sparked MCN to life then, remains unchanged today – this is a testament to its vibrancy and relevance as we continue to lead our museums into the future.

For MCN to have a meaningful impact on its community, it is essential that the Board of Directors be composed of committed individuals that have the relevant skills and a wide range of perspectives to effectively lead the organization. Guided by the current 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, MCN is on a growth path, so this is an exciting time to be joining our Board.

We’re looking for leaders in our field to help MCN plan the next 3-year strategic priorities (2019-2021), and to contribute their expertise to make MCN the “go-to” professional support and development organization in our sector.

While all members of the community with an interest in serving MCN can certainly apply, we are particularly interested in candidates who bring specific expertise, or have a background and experience in one or more of the following key areas:

  • Membership development: In its 50th year, MCN is reexamining what it means to be a member organization. We are seeking a board member with the skills and experience to help us strategically develop, implement, and grow a new membership offer that best serves MCN members and the institutions as well as the community as a whole.
  • Fundraising / development expertise: To support its expansion in various programmatic areas, MCN is seeking a board member with skills in business development, strategic partnerships, sponsorship and fundraising development.
  • Strategy / planning / big picture thinking: In mid 2018, MCN will undertake a major new 3-year strategic planning process (2019-2021). We are seeking a board member with skills at strategic planning, big picture thinking, and organizational development to play a central role in the creation and roll out of our next 3-year strategic plan.
  • Marketing and community development: Communicating with our members and the broader MCN community is at the heart of what we do. We are seeking a board member with skills at marketing and community development to focus on the organization’s brand, messaging, and communication practices, particularly as we move into a new strategic planning cycle, and renew focus on our membership efforts.
  • Organizational diversity and inclusive practice: Conscious that diversity is only good as an idea when it is put in practice, we are recruiting for a dedicated board member to champion building inclusive practices into the organization’s fabric so that MCN is able to serve marginalized and underrepresented populations within our community and beyond.


MCN’s Board of Directors is both a governance and a working board. In addition to the fiduciary duties expected from Directors of a 503(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, MCN Directors are also expected to volunteer some of their time and efforts in managing the organization according to MCN’s mission as well as the needs and interests of our community.

As a working board, MCN Directors are expected to dedicate about 8-12 hours per month working on MCN business, including attending  a monthly conference-call board meeting and other committee meetings. Additionally, they are also expected to attend two (2) annual board meetings in person: one the week of MCN’s Annual Conference (typically in November), and another, generally in the spring, the week of the Museums and the Web conference wherever that location may be. Directors cannot be compensated and MCN does not pay Directors for travel or other related expenses.

Once appointed, MCN Directors serve a three-year term. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with MCN’s By-Laws.

As a reminder, the following section from the MCN Governance Guidelines lists the key expectations from MCN Board members:

  • 8-12 hours per month, depending upon activities
  • Play an active leadership role in delivering on MCN’s overall business in general and on assigned strategic priorities specifically
  • Attend and prepare for each Board meeting
  • Be prepared and willing to lead the Board and/or a committee
  • Join and participate actively in the activities of at least one committee
  • Follow, participate and contribute to online Board discussions in a timely manner
  • Make every reasonable effort to bring financial support to the Organization annually from external sources, e.g. identify and introduce sponsor prospects and secure sponsorships
  • Leverage personal relationships with others (including corporations, professional service firms, vendors, foundations, and individuals) to assist the staff of the Organization with implementing fundraising strategies, including adding names of potential sources of support to the Organization’s mailing list
  • Actively participate in the development of the annual conference
  • Attend the annual conference
  • Actively participate in MCN fundraising efforts
  • Travel at their own cost (MCN doesn’t cover travel expenses for Board members) to attend two (2) annual board meetings in person: one the week of MCN’s Annual Conference (typically in November), and another, generally in the spring, the week of the Museums and the Web conference wherever that location may be
  • Directors cannot be compensated and MCN does not pay Directors for travel or other related expenses


MCN encourages people from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and experiences to apply. MCN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression and identity, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

In addition, to ensure that a diverse range of institutions are represented on the Board, each individual institution may be represented by only one member of the Board at any given time. Candidates are encouraged to review the current Board members’ list below to check the institution that they are currently affiliated with.



To be considered by our Nominating Committee, all you have to do is fill out an Application Form. If you believe someone you know would be a qualified candidate, please encourage them to apply. You will need to complete the Application Form by Friday June 30, 2017 at 11:59pm PT.  We will let you know if we require additional information about your application.



MCN’s 2017 Nominating Committee will review all applications and propose a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for discussion, followed by a vote on the individual appointment of each proposed candidate for Director. We anticipate notifying successful candidates by early September 2017. The newly appointed Directors will also be announced on this page and shared with the MCN community on MCN-L.



If you have any additional questions, please contact Eric Longo, MCN’s Executive Director at [email protected].


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We encourage all qualified candidates to apply or hope that you will refer someone you think would be a qualified candidate. Thank you for being a part of MCN.

MCN 2017 Nominating Committee

 Carolyn Royston, President
 Suse Anderson, VP-President Elect
 Nik Honeysett, Director
 Matthew Tarr, Director
 Eric Longo, Executive Director


2017 MCN board members list

Current Directors Term Start Term Ends Organization/Affiliation
Carolyn Royston 2012 2017 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Nik Honeysett 2013 2017 Balboa Park Online Collaborative
Tim Svenonius 2013 2017 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Laura Mann  2015 2018 Frankly, Green & Webb
Elizabeth Bollwerk 2015 2018  Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Suse Anderson 2015  2018 George Washington University
Bert Degenhart Drencht 2015 2018  Axiell Group
Greg Albers 2016 2019 J. Paul Getty Trust
Deborah Howes 2016 2019 Educator and museum consultant
Darren Milligan 2016 2019 Smithsonian, Center for Learning & Digital Access
Lori Byrd-McDevitt 2016 2019 Children’s Museum Indianapolis
Matthew Tarr 2016 2019 American Museum of Natural History