2021 Mentorship Program

Since its inception in 2017, MCN’s Mentorship Program has offered well over 120 participants to date a structured and supportive environment for mentors and mentees to be uniquely paired with each other, develop a professional relationship over the course of about 10 months, guide mentees through career challenges, provide peer-to-peer support, while giving mentors the gift of service. 

Like many programs serving our community, the MCN Mentorship Program is almost entirely led and supported by volunteers. Join me in expressing our gratitude to Laura Hoffman and Ryan King, co-chairs of the Mentorship Committee this past year, several cohort leaders, and the participants themselves. 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and the impact of the crisis has been felt with particular intensity in many participating pairs. Thanks for hanging in there and doing the best you could. Also, special thanks to Mark Osterman, MCN board member, and Deborah Howes, board member alumna, for her continued support and guidance.

Applications for the 2021 Mentorship Program are now closed.

You must be a current MCN member to apply. You can join or renew HERE.

Don’t miss out on this very powerful opportunity for connection, wisdom and self-reflection!