Elect your 2021 SIG chairs and co-chairs!

Each December, we ask the MCN community to elect chairs and co-chairs of our Special Interest Groups. SIGs, as we call them, are volunteer-led MCN members’ communities of practice that operate under the oversight of the MCN board. SIGs are organized around specific topics of interest or niche practice areas that reflect the diversity of the many technology and digital practices in the museum field (curious about how SIGs are governed? Read the SIG Charter).

SIG Chairs are all volunteers with a passion for their work and for helping their colleagues and the community around their specific practice area and beyond. This year, let’s thank Susan Wamsley, Melissa Mair, Kelsey Cvach, Stefano Cossu and Douglas Hegley for their service as they step down from their role.

As you review this year’s slate of candidates, you’ll notice five new faces ready to lead your SIGs next year.

Elections are now closed.