2023 MCN Board Candidate Application

We’re pleased to announce the 2023 call for candidates to be considered for MCN’s Board of Directors. Envisioning a world in which all museums are empowered digitally to achieve their missions, MCN’s mission is to grow the digital capacity of museum professionals by connecting them to ideas, information, opportunities, proven practices, and each other.

For many past and current board members, serving on the MCN board is a way to give back to an organization and a community that have supported them throughout their careers. It’s also an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development: join a great team of talented museum professionals who shape the strategic direction of the organization and continually find ways to better serve the needs of our community.

To apply, please submit your application by August 20, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PT. (UPDATED DEADLINE!)

What we’re looking for

This year, MCN is looking to recruit at least five (5) and up to eight (8) board members to replace those whose 3-year term will be ending in November. While everyone with an interest in serving MCN is encouraged to apply, this year we are particularly interested in candidates who can bring specific expertise, or have a background and experience, in one or more of the following key areas:

Sustainable practices, business modeling, and development

During the COVID pandemic, MCN experienced significant changes, including reduced revenue streams and reduced staff capacity. We are currently in a phase of vital rebuilding. Over the next three years MCN’s leadership will make strategic changes in order to mitigate risks and increase the organization’s long-term financial and operational sustainability. If you have expertise running programs or organizations that resulted in demonstrated sustainable outcomes, we want to hear from you. Skills or expertise in business development, strategic partnerships, securing sponsorships, and fundraising are equally desirable. 

Marketing and community development

Communicating with our members and the broader MCN community is at the heart of what we do. We are seeking a board member with skills at marketing and community development to focus on the organization’s brand, messaging, and communication practices, particularly as we move into a new strategic planning cycle. This includes managing communications platforms.


MCN is looking for community members with experience in governance to join the governance committee, which is tasked with upkeeping the bylaws and other governing guidelines and proposing changes as required. The committee also leads ongoing board recruitment and nomination processes.

Digital Strategy and infrastructure

MCN is committed to maintaining our online tools for the best user experience, and streamlining our backend infrastructure to create more efficient organizational processes. We’re looking for someone who has experience designing, integrating, or maintaining backend infrastructures or architecture, or with a strong background in systems administration. Experience in WordPress, MemberPress, and Salesforce is desirable.

Conference and program development

As MCN reimagines its in-person conference, we are seeking board members with experience running large, community-focused events to help ensure that the annual conference remains an essential space for convening for the muse-tech community.

Organizational diversity and inclusive practice

We are recruiting for a dedicated board member to champion building inclusive and equitable practices into the organization’s fabric so that MCN is able to serve underrepresented populations within our community and beyond.  

Institutional knowledge

We are seeking one or more member of the community who has been closely involved with MCN over time, including former board members, program committee members, or volunteers, to rejoin the organization as a current board member. We intend to better connect new strategic directions of the organization with its historic mission, purpose, and approach. 

SIG leadership and membership 

MCN is reexamining what it means to be a member organization. We are seeking a board member with the skills and experience to help us strategically develop, implement, and grow a new membership offer that best serves MCN members and the institutions as well as the community as a whole. An integral part of this is working with our Special Interest Group (SIG) chairs to help engage with our communities.

Finance committee

MCN is looking for community members with financial experience to join the finance committee, which includes managing operating and program budgets and financials, with interest in maintaining financial sustainability for the organization through becoming treasurer in future years.

Who we’re looking for

MCN encourages people from a variety of backgrounds, institutions, and experiences to apply, particularly those from historically marginalized communities or types of institutions that are typically underrepresented in the MCN community. MCN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression and identity, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

In addition, to ensure that a diverse range of institutions are represented on the board, each individual institution may be represented by only one member of the board at any given time. Candidates are encouraged to review the list of current board members to check the institution that they are currently affiliated with.

What we’ll expect of you

 MCN’s Board of Directors is both a governance and a working board. This means that in addition to being fiduciary guardians of this 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, our board members roll up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and dedicate a good portion of their time working on organizational projects. For most, this means taking an active role on one or more of our board committees.

As part of a working board, MCN Directors (board members) are expected to dedicate about 10 hours per month for meetings and follow-up, with the possibility of additional hours needed depending on committee engagement. Executive committee or leadership roles can be up to 30 hours per month.

Board members are expected to attend monthly virtual board meetings and one in-person strategic planning meeting in November, held during the week of and co-located with the annual conference. Currently, we expect board members to self-fund their travel to the annual conference.

The 2023 Nominating Committee will review all applications and propose a slate of candidates to the board of directors for discussion, followed by a vote on the individual appointment of each proposed candidate for director. Candidates should be notified by late October 2023. The announcement of newly appointed Directors will be posted on our website and shared with the MCN community. New board members should attend the in-person board meeting in Philadelphia at the 2023 MCN conference, November 8, 2023, if possible.

MCN 2023 Nominating Committee
David Newbury, President
Jessica Warchall, Vice President
Andy Cummins, Director
Jen Holmes, Director

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected].

To apply, please submit your application by August 20, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PT. (UPDATED DEADLINE!)

Once appointed, MCN Directors serve a three-year term. For reference, MCN’s By-Laws are posted on our website. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.