Announcing the MCN 2023 Program 

We’re thrilled to announce that the MCN 2023 program is now live. You can browse the program on Sched

Congratulations to all our presenters, and thank you to everyone who shared a proposal. The MCN 2023 program showcases a variety of themes, topics, and formats that will surely make for both an exciting conference and an impact on our sector. 15- and 45-minute sessions are divided between two tracks:

  • Museum: Take a closer look at the big picture and explore how technology has impacted the field, your organization, and yourself. 
  • Computer: From IT to interactives, APIs to audio guides, share the stories behind your work with computers and offer practical advice for your peers across the sector.

The Network track will host Open Space Discussions (OSD). How often at a conference have you had your lightbulb moment during coffee break, at lunch…or maybe even at karaoke? OSDs are a play on “unconference” style sessions that will allow all attendees to propose, facilitate, and partake in discussions meaningful to them. Open Space Discussions can’t be proposed in advance. Learn more about OSDs from Don Youngberg, MCN board member and Open Space Discussion emcee. 

This is a draft program. Sessions may be added or rearranged based on speaker availability. If you’re a speaker and want to request a change to your session, please use this form.

We also want to acknowledge our Community Partners whose generous support helps us host MCN 2023. You can connect with Community Partners throughout the conference—including during sessions featuring Community Partners in conversation with members of the muse tech community. 

  • Strengthening Cultural Organizations at Bloomberg Philanthropies (Bloomberg Connects)
  • MIT Museum’s digital (r)evolution (Cogapp)
  • The reality of a ransomware event—why you need more than Cyber Insurance (Double Eagle Consulting)
  • Lessons from the Lifecycle: Insights into Sustainable Digital Projects (Navigation North)
  • A Community Effort: Digital Publishing with Open Source Tools (Quire)
  • Digital Publishing Workshop (Quire). Registration is free and required in-advance of the workshop.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in Philadelphia. Registration is available on Eventbrite for $850. This revenue helps fund the conference and sustains our volunteer-run organization’s essential operations for the year. For questions about registration, email [email protected].

We’d like to thank the Penn Museum for hosting MCN 2023. This is our first year partnering with a museum as a venue for the event. We recognize the museum’s ongoing work with Indigenous groups and descendant communities around repatriation, ethical stewardship, and restorative practices to resolve unethical conduct as they and our entire field work to make museums an inclusive space for all. 

A final thank you to our thoughtful and dedicated team of volunteers who helped review sessions and build the program. We hope that it captures the creativity, skill, and care at work in muse tech now—and provides sources of inspiration for years to come.