The Program

You can access the entire conference program on and at if you want to maximize screen space. If you’re new to the platform or trying to figure out how to do something, check out the Sched attendee guide

Log into Sched

If you haven’t yet registered, do that first. If you already registered but didn’t get an email from Sched or don’t remember your details, you can use this form to look up your account and/or reset your password using your Eventbrite order number, or if you’ve already set yourself up simply Login.

Update Your Profile

Networking is the main reason we attend the conference, so we strongly encourage you to complete your profile to let others know about you. Also, with your name, people will be able to find you on Slack. 

Build Your Schedule

Add sessions you plan to or might want to attend to your schedule (Sched guide on adding sessions). Some have limited attendance—Workshops, Professional Development, and other special sessions; you’ll need to add the session to your schedule on MCN Sched to join the attendee list (or, if it’s full, the waitlist) and gain access to the Zoom link. Note that Workshops are reserved by purchasing a $75 ticket on Eventbrite, which will allow you to add it to your schedule on MCN Sched. 

Screenshot showing program schedule on Tuesday, October 5 with radio buttons checked next to the Welcome session and the Opening Keynote.

Access your Sessions via Sched

You must add the session to your schedule to access the session link. To join, use the yellow “Open Zoom” button on the session page. Links to access your sessions will be available 10 minutes before the session starts.

Image of a yellow button that reads Open Zoom

Links will also be shared by email 10 minutes before each session. Whether or not you plan to use the email links instead of Sched to access sessions, you might want to set up an email filter (how to create rules in Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook). 

Please do not forward or share the Zoom link with anyone. Sharing the link can cause a serious privacy and security issue. We are counting on you to keep our space safe and welcoming.

Session Formats

There are several types of session formats, and most eight different types of sessions, and all sessions will be held as Zoom meetings (except Keynotes, and Plenary sessions, which will be webinars). All sessions are 45 minutes, except most Workshops are 90 minutes and  IGNITE is a series of quick 5 minute presentations. 

  • Webinars are events with only presenters on-screen, and you’ll participate using the Zoom chat and Q&A to pose questions; your camera and mic are not engaged, but your username is viewable.
  • Meetings are events where you can join on-screen and participate beyond the chat function using video and audio functionality. 

You can read more about the distinction between Webinars and Meetings on Zoom

Ignite: In MCN’s trademark event, Ignite MCN showcases energizing and thought-provoking talks that share ideas, passions, and new visions for the future. Each courageous speaker has 20 slides—no more, no less—that automatically advance every 15 seconds for a format that produces inventive and fast-paced five-minute talks. Taking place October 5, 2021

Panel: A small group of subject matter experts (and one moderator) gather to discuss a specific topic and offer differing perspectives. Panelists share facts or personal experiences, express opinions, and answer audience questions. The moderator keeps the momentum going, facilitates the discussion, and manages questions from the audience. 

Campfire: Campfire sessions begin a lot like a traditional presentation, with a speaker (or multiple speakers) presenting an idea to a group of people. After 10 or 15 minutes, however, the focus shifts from the presenter to the audience. For the remainder of the session, the presenter becomes a facilitator, inviting comments, insights, and questions from the audience. Campfire sessions allow attendees to drive their own learning and share experiences with others, which also assists with networking.

How-to: A practical instruction wherein attendees learn a single skill. How-To sessions are similar to workshops in that they are participatory, but are less in-depth, and are concentrated on audiences walking away with a single skill, rather than multiple, or more involved, skills.

Freestyle/Other Sessions: These sessions experiment with the presentation and/or online format to create spaces thatand foster conversations that can only be found at MCN. How to tune into these sessions may vary. While some have a specific start day and time, others are drop-in, so be. Be sure to thoroughly read the session description and note the session “type” in Sched to know what to expect. 

Workshops: Duration: 90 minutes. Space is limited. You must sign-up in advance by purchasing a special ticket on Eventbrite. Once purchased, you can add the session to your calendar on Sched. If all seats are filled, we will start a waitlist. In case you’ve purchased a ticket, but can’t attend, let us know immediately so we can offer the spot to another attendee.

Professional Development Sessions: Space is limited. Professional development sessions are informal and interactive, led by those with specific knowledge and expertise. Participants should gain valuable insight into developing soft skills or gain insights about practical areas of their career.

SIGs Roundtables: SIGs will organize lunchbag Roundtables for facilitated discussions on topics of their choosing. 

Chatham House Rules

Some sessions will be conducted according to Chatham House Rules to encourage open dialogue. CHR means the session is not recorded, and live captions and chat transcripts are not saved. Everything is off the record so that you can feel comfortable. 

Keep in mind that all MCN sessions, social events, and even the spaces you or other attendees may personally create for keeping the conversation going are expected to abide by MCN’s Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct. If you have been involved or witnessed an incident during the MCN conference that you believe violates our Code of Conduct, report it to MCN by submitting this name-optional Code of Conduct Violation Report Form

Recorded Sessions

Sessions that are recorded will be made available through MCN Sched within a week. You will need to add the session to be able to view the video.