Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

MCN Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are volunteer-led MCN members’ communities of practice that operate under the combined oversight of the MCN board and the Executive Director. SIGs are organized around specific topics of interest or niche practice areas. SIGs reflect the diversity of the many technology and digital practices in museums. Far from being silos or compartments that focus exclusively on a single topic or area, SIGs names and areas of focus may shift overtime to reflect actual changes in the field. So definitions may expand in future and topics often overlap: as such, existing SIGs often collaborate to develop programming that is relevant to members of different SIGs.

SIGs provide MCN members the opportunity to connect with colleagues doing similar work in the field, explore opportunities to collaborate among them, share resources and best practices, or discuss ways to advance their area of digital practice. SIG members are expected to submit proposals to present at the MCN annual conference.

And SIGs offer a great professional development opportunity to members of our community who want to raise their profile and volunteer their time and efforts to lead a SIG. If you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, check out our SIG Charter. SIG chairs (a chair and co-chair) are nominated and elected annually in December among their peers for a one-year renewable term.

How to join a SIG

MCN members may join any SIG and there is no limit on the number of SIGs one may join. When you fill out the membership registration form select which SIGs you’d like to join, you can join or leave a SIG at any time by updating your profile in the New Member Portal. Join or Login today!

How to create a SIG

The SIG Charter provides the SIGs with an operational framework. To create a new SIG, sponsors need to prepare a formal SIG proposal to be submitted to the MCN board for consideration. The board will decide on whether or not to approve the creation of a new SIG. Often, the board will ask the sponsors to redefine the SIG proposal and resubmit. All SIG proposals need to clearly articulate a need for this SIG, specifically indicating how the subject matter is distinct from existing SIGs and how the sponsors (once co-chairs) will work with existing SIGs to foster cross-SIG dialog and discussion.

More information about SIGs

To find out more about SIGs, or to propose forming a new SIG, contact [email protected].

MCN SIGs Charter