MCN 2021: more proposals needed!

Thanks to all of you who already submitted proposals for MCN 2021!

Given the new format for this year’s event, we received a good range of submissions in the following tracks: Leadership & Strategy; Interpretation, Storytelling & Education; Ethical Responsibilities of Museums, and Experience Design & Immersive Technologies.

However, we’re looking for a few more proposals in the following 3 tracks:

  1. Business Models & Financial Sustainability: Approaches to fundraising; grant writing/seeking; capacity building conversions; monetizing digital content/channels; digital memberships; how museums can continue to build funds, and find new paths toward financial sustainability.
  2. Capacity Building: Maintenance, infrastructure, software, technology; systems, their integral purposes, and their ongoing need for support; how museums use their funds.
  3. Abolish the Museum/Reimagining the Museum/Why Museums? Museum and cultural workers around the world are envisioning new ways—often outside of museums—to create space for learning from and building upon the evolution of human ideas, in ways that make our communities more sustainable, healthier, and successful for all. This tract offers a platform to discuss systemic problems in museums, raise big questions about the roles of museums today, and workshop solutions for a visionary future.

We also need a few more proposals for Ignite & Professional Development sessions!

Also make sure to share with BIPOC colleagues and peers!

Call for proposals is now closed.

Any questions, email us at [email protected].