Meet the Human Centered Design SIG

Human-centered design (HCD) is a process for understanding problems and creating solutions that meet real people’s needs. It emphasizes research and ideation, and can be applied to any type of product, service, or experience, inside and outside museums.   

The HCD SIG is a network for anyone who wants to learn about using human-centered design in your museum work. Anyone interested in using HCD to improve people’s experiences in museums is welcome, no matter your role or level of design experience!   


What have we been up to lately? 

Earlier this year, we hosted a webinar with Kathi Kaiser of Centralis. Kathi shared three case studies that took different approaches to usability testing and factors to consider when using this methodology.

We also publish monthly newsletters on our message board with HCD resources that catch our eye. 


What’s coming up? 

Since we are a relatively new SIG (only 2 years old!) we’re hoping to use this year’s conference to bring together existing and potential members to brainstorm and iterate on what our SIG should look like moving forward to be the most effective and useful for everyone involved. Stop by the HCD SIG area at the SIG Open House, where we’ll be applying the HCD process to our very own SIG! 

Additionally, Seema Rao will step down from her role as a SIG co-chair after this year’s conference. While we’ll be sad to see her go, we also can’t wait to meet the next SIG co-chair who will help shape and grow the SIG. If you have expertise in HCD or are simply really excited about diving deeper, consider running for co-chair next year! Want to discuss before the conference? Contact Cathy and Seema to learn more.  

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Cathy Sigmond, HCD SIG co-chair


Seema Rao headshot
Seema Rao, HCD SIG co-chair