Well done on the 2019 submissions!


The 2019 Call for Proposals was a success!

You submitted over 150 proposals on a vast range of topics featuring a diverse pool of speakers that represent different perspectives and voices across the field. We felt encouraged to see how strongly you all responded to this year’s new session types: deep dives, field trips, and plenary panels. Thank you to all for being bold, for taking a risk and embracing change with so much enthusiasm. Your response is a testament to your creativity, your commitment to museums and each other. This is what makes our community so unique and powerful.

In addition, we received a wonderful number of scholarship and volunteer applications from a variety of museums and cultural institutions, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Andrea Ledesma, Carolyn Lagermasini, and I recently met in San Diego for a site visit. We’re happy to report that the conference areas at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa are not only gorgeous, but also accessible and easy to navigate. Walking through the space, we could almost feel and hear the buzz of your interactions as you challenge each other and drive our field forward.

So what’s next? The Program Committee members are almost finished reviewing your proposals. Join us in giving them a big shout out for their efforts! Expect to be notified about your submissions, scholarships and volunteer applications in June. Stay tuned!

Eric Longo, Andrea Ledesma, and I will be meeting soon to build the program. We’re excited to craft a schedule with a sensible distribution of sessions that appeals to you all, reflects this year’s theme, and supports MCN’s mission.

Save-the Date: registration opens June 28 with the same rates as last year. Only 150 Early Bird tickets will be available. So don’t delay—register and make your travel arrangements soon!

When we started working on this year’s program back in January, we knew we wanted to design a new kind of conference experience. Based on what we’ve seen so far,  MCN 2019 is going to be incredible. We can’t wait to see you there!

Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected]. Best,


Your MCN 2019 Conference Program co-chairs
Andrea Montiel de Shuman, Andrea Ledesma, and Eric Longo

Balboa Park