The email station at MCN 1999

We are facilitating interviews with 50 people from the MCN community about their careers, their experience with the museum technology field, the skills that have been key to success, and the skills that will be key to success in the future. Community members will interview each other and write blog posts (or a podcast, video, slideshow, cartoon, etc…!) about the interviews for the MCN blog.

MCN50 Voices is closed to new participants. 

We have a list of suggested questions that range from personal history to career advice, and favorite karaoke song.

Interviews posted so far:

Brad Dunn & Gavin Mallory

Blaire Moskowitz & Matt Morgan

Diane Zorich & Richard Rinehart

Seema Rao interviews Sam Quigley

Trilce Navarette & Bert Degenhart Drenth

Elissa Frankle & Max Evjen

Koven Smith & Liz Filardi

Lanae Spruce and Ravon Ruffin on Instagram story

Yvel Guelcé by Rebecca Friday

Peter Samis & Loic Tallon

Laura Hoffman & Jeffrey Inscho

Howard Besser by Marla Misunas

Jessica Warchall by Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen by Jessica Warchall

Dan Dennehy & Charles Zange

Rachel Ropeik & Charlotte Sexton

Diana Folsom & Andrea Ledesma

10 Words and 2 Challenges from Holly Witchey & Angela Spinazzè

Dana Allen-Greil & Arielle Feldman