Free Membership for All

Dear MCN Community,

We’re thrilled to announce a significant change to our membership structure that we believe will further our mission and foster greater inclusivity and accessibility: we’re transitioning from an annual membership fee to a no-cost membership model!

We want to ensure that everyone who shares our passion for advancing digital transformation in museums can participate in our community. By removing the barrier of membership fees, we hope that more members will gain access to our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and resources and become active participants in our community.

While membership is now free, we still rely on the generosity of our community to sustain and grow our volunteer-run organization. Your support is crucial to help us continue to grow our community of museum professionals and connect them to ideas, information, opportunities, and each other. Donations help to sustain essential organizational operations for the year and cover associated conference costs. That’s why we encourage you to make a donation when signing up and renewing your annual membership.  

We thank all of our current members for your generous support! Your memberships will transition to the new no-cost model at your next renewal.

We’re grateful for your ongoing support and dedication to MCN. Thank you for being a vital part of our community. We look forward to seeing you at MCN 2024!

Warm regards,

The MCN Board of Directors


  • Why is the organization transitioning to a no-cost membership model?
    • Over the past four years, we’ve spent time listening to our community, and we’ve learned that we are stewards of this community, not gatekeepers. Membership to MCN is not something that we can sell—if you’re part of the community, you’re already there. As a membership organization, we still value and need your formal membership, but we’d rather not charge for it.
  • What will happen to my current membership?
    • Your current membership will automatically transition to the new no-cost model at your next renewal; you do not need to take any action. If you already have a currently paid membership, it will continue until it’s expiration. If you have any questions about your membership, reach out to us at [email protected]
  • What are the benefits of becoming a member of MCN?
    • MCN members are eligible to join any of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that the organization offers. Members can access the Members’ Directory to network with other members and serve on MCN committees and the board. Our members sustain operations essential to running the conference and organization throughout the year.
  • Do members receive a discount for the annual conference?
    • No. Beginning in 2024, conference registrations will not include reduced member rates.
  • How will MCN sustain itself financially without membership fees? 
    • MCN is sustained by support from Community Partners, donations, and conference registrations.
  • How will MCN prevent abuse or misuse with the no-cost membership model?
    • The MCN Board verifies all new member registrations and monitors all communication platforms to ensure community guidelines are followed. The Board reserves the right to suspend accounts or ban individuals who violate our community guidelines.
  • Is there a recommended donation amount?
    • Becoming a member of MCN is free. However, many members choose to donate during their annual renewal to support our mission to grow the digital capacity of museum professionals by connecting them to ideas, information, opportunities, proven practices, and each other. Because MCN is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. If you’re inclined to donate, thank you! We recommend a donation of $120 annually.
  • How can my company support MCN?
  • How can I get involved with MCN beyond financial support?