10 Words and 2 Challenges from Holly Witchey & Angela Spinazzè

This year MCN celebrates its 50th anniversary. Just as MCN has established a network of established and emerging professionals, #MCN50 Voices brings members together, old and new, near and far. In this video conversation, experienced professionals Angela Spinazze, Principal, ATSPIN consulting (http://www.atspin.com/) & Holly Witchey, Principal, Relevant Museums consulting (www.relevantmuseums.com) take us back to revisit their first projects of the early 2000s, and explain how technology has played a role in the changing culture of museums ever since. They highlight the importance of collaboration, generosity, and compassion in their careers, and in the MCN community as a whole. Stay tuned for more MCN50 Voices interviews in the coming months. Learn more and sign up to participate on MCN's website. http://mcn.edu/mcn50/