A Small Museum Goes Global / Life beyond Social Media: Technology and Leadership

Dana Allen-Greil and Tamsen Young. The Museum at FIT is continually experimenting with new ways to engage visitors with digital content in our galleries. For the exhibition Global Fashion Capitals we collaborated with a couple of partners to create digital initiatives that attempt to bridge the online/onsite museum visitor experience. Dana Allen-Greil, Elissa Frankle, Victoria Portway and Chad Weinard. In days of yore, it was the youngest person at the organization who was assumed to be the social media ninja and asked to create a social media presence for the organization. But then social media grew up--and so did we. As social media becomes more prevalent and valued in our organizations, they go from being shunted off to the side to being central to communications, marketing, and often educational strategies, and are increasingly run by professionals from outside the museum field. Thursday November 5, 2015 1:15pm - 1:45pm Harriet MCN 2015 Media Sponsor: http://www.intervision.com/ MCN 2015 Lead Conference Sponsor: http://www.piction.com/