A User Centered Approach to Digitalization

More than two years ago, the US National Archives (NARA) launched a project to digitize WWI content and increase the creative reuse and impact of these collections. Paramount to NARA’s strategy is developing meaningful engagement around the content they’re increasingly releasing to the public. NARA is working with Historypin to help design a unique approach to community engagement, focusing on user design and audience analysis in order to ultimately measure community impact. We will discuss our user-centric approach and aim of designing an evaluation framework that we can use to measure our activities and outcomes over the course of the project. Key to this first phase was identifying existing and target communities interested in utilizing NARA content. We consequently narrowed down museums as one of three key groups who we see as importantly helping to amplify local community and disseminating unique, public domain NARA WWI content. We will look at how we’ve integrated museum feedback into our evaluation strategy, and identified key players who are helping us iterate on our engagement approach moving forward. Based on the in-depth work of the first two years of the project, NARA is launching an app to deliver WWI content to museums, as well as teachers and coders, whose release coincides with the centenary of the US entering WWI. It will highlight expertly-digitized NARA WWI films in a local context, and allow local museums to highlight their content and build their own story through NARA content. We will discuss our development of co-design workshops around the app, intended to engage museums and our other key user groups in the early design phase. Marrying with our initial approach to this engagement project as a whole, this will continue ensuring that we are creating audience-minded tools that help answer particular needs and community interests. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Kerri Young, Engagement Manager, Historypin MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA