Building a Multi-Site Calendar

9:00am • Building a Multi-Site Calendar Crystal Mulry, Meleck Davis, & Morgan L'Argent Minnesota Historical Society implemented a solution,, that combines its existing website content management system (Drupal) and a custom API for data storage and access. The new calendar provides an updated look, responsive design, filtering, and promotional space as well as a new admin interface. 9:15am • Planning an Audience-Centered Digital Collection David McKenzie In this presentation, we will share detail about what worked—and didn’t—in the process, and lessons learned for future projects of a similar nature. We also hope that other institutions will share what worked for them so that everyone can learn about creating an audience-friendly digital archive collaboratively. 9:30am • Spatial Evolution of the State Historical Museum: Bringing the Physical and the Digital Together Anna Mikhaylova We are going to use the following methods to bring the physical and the digital together:provide noticeable, yet minimalistic in-gallery signs about SHM social media accountsdevelop a series of engaging posters to involve people in online conversations about the exhibits by using special hashtags create a mobile app which will explain the complex history of museum space thus helping to understand its certain elements. 9:45am • Watermill Center: Library of Inspiration Deb Verhoff Casestudy: The Watermill Center was founded by the American artist Robert Wilson as a Laboratory for Performance. Resident artists and scholars create experimental works in a unique environment, living and working alongside a collection of art and artifacts spanning the history of humankind. Friday, November 6, 2015 9:00am - 10:00am Minnetonka MCN 2015 Media Sponsor: MCN 2015 Lead Conference Sponsor: