Collaboration that Works: 2 Years in Balboa Park

2011 Museum Computer Network (MCN) conference in Atlanta, GA Presentation on November 19, 2011 PRESENTERS: Vivian Kung-Haga, Deputy Director, Museum of Photographic Arts Perian Sully, Project Manager: Digital Asset Management and Online Access, Balboa Park Online Collaborative Maren Dougherty, Senior Editor, Balboa Park Online Collaborative Kristi Ehrig-Burgess, Library, Archives and Digitization Manager, Mingei International Museum Rich Cherry, Director, Balboa Park Online Collaborative In good times and bad, collaboration between institutions can positively affect budgets, ease workflows, and achieve projects that might normally be impossible or difficult to complete. At San Diego's Balboa Park, a dedicated team of experts are helping 21 cultural institutions achieve their dreams through technology deployed with thoughtfulness and innovation. These institutions are reaping the benefits of shared knowledge and resources, bringing them together in ways rarely seen in cultural organizations.