Directors’ Roundtable

Directors: - Janet Carding, Director and CEO, Royal Ontario Museum (@janetcarding) - Eric Siegel, Director and Chief Content Officer, New York Hall of Science - Daniel Spock, Director, Minnesota History Center Museum (@danspock) - Brian Ferriso, Executive Director, Portland Art Museum A recurrent theme of museum technology discussions over the past year or so has been a move away from talking about specific technologies to larger, systemic questions like, "What is the real value of digital technologies to museums? What would a museum look like that was structured to accommodate and take advantage of those tools? What skills will employees of these museums need to have and how will they get them?" An important voice was usually missing from these conversation; that of museum leaders. The Directors' Roundtable will be an informal, moderated panel discussion, where a small group of directors discuss what they see as being the pressing issues for the museum field when it comes to digital technologies and what we all do. We will explore themes that emerge, and open it up to questions from the floor. Session Chair: Ed Rodley, Exhibit Developer, Museum of Science, Boston