Don’t Redesign: Realign! The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Website Makeover

9:00am • Don’t Redesign: Realign! The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Website Makeover Tricia Robson This presentation outlines the steps taken to update the look and functionality of the FAMSF websites without committing to a full redesign effort and working within existing brand guidelines. 9:15am • Piloting a Pilot Project: Lessons Learned as the First US Museum to Use Guidio, an Audio Tour App Created for European Museums Pamela Martin & Teemu Oksanen In this case study presentation, I plan to share information about the planning and implementation of this pilot project, and how it was received by the Albright-Knox’s visitors. I will share an analysis of the feedback we collected from visitors who used the app, and the overall lessons that we learned from the project. I will also discuss whether I feel that the Guidio app is a good fit for other American museums to use in their own institutions, weighing the risk of using someone else’s technology against the significant cost savings that Guidio offers over custom-built solutions. 9:30am • Second Canvas: How an Awesome Art Experience Using Gigapixel Images, Storytelling, and Social Participation Can Surpass the Best Games and Sport Apps Iñaki Arredondo Attendees will learn about Gigapixel images, cinematic storytelling and social participation, and tips on how to create such a experience at home and at the museum, also as a educational tool in the classroom. 9:45am • Doodling the Museum: Using the Pencilicious App to Engage and Inspire a Social Audience. Friday, November 6, 2015 9:00am - 9:15am Harriet MCN 2015 Minneapolis, MN MCN 2015 Media Sponsor: MCN 2015 Lead Conference Sponsor: