Empowered Data

Whether online and/or onsite, visitors are using technologies to connect with and deepen their experiences in museums. The array of new technologies available enables museums to implement new strategies for engagement, building on areas such as interpretation and programming. Visitors have more flexibility in the way they choose to interact with a museum but museums also have more opportunities to learn about visitor behaviors. The evaluator will focus on agile techniques and best practices which can be implemented by anyone to get a better sense of how visitors respond to these relationships between museums and technology. The evaluator will also examine technology through a more critical lens, stressing the importance of content and experience. An evaluator specializing in visitor research and qualitative data will examine the relationships between museums and their publics and technologies. Examples will be presented from various projects and initiatives at MoMA where the evaluator has studied and/or tested visitors’ experiences with technologies. The evaluator will discuss the current research and the kinds of information that can be uncovered through evaluation. She will also share strategies for employing agile evaluation. Technologies which will be covered in this presentation include QR codes, apps, audio devices, page turners, charging stations, website design and visitors use of their mobile devices in the galleries. Attendees will also have a chance to formulate research questions and strategies related to specific research interests. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Jackie Armstrong, Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience, The Museum of Modern Art MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA