Online content at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has shifted recently under a new set of EPIC Content guidelines. We no longer broadcast marketing messages on social media but focus on delivering content that has real value for our community. Under these new guidelines developed last spring, we aim to deliver high-impact content that is multi-platform, relevant, community & data-driven. Before creating any content for use on the web and social media, we ask ourselves: Why are you creating this content and who is it for? Did you sufficiently cover the topic? It is long enough/include enough references? Is the topic relevant, interesting, surprising, and useful to our community? Does the content inspire wonder or an emotion that will lead our community to action? This session will look are the psychology of sharing, why people share and interact with content online. It will also look at the types and lengths of content that do well and offer real examples of this new strategy in action. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Ryan Dodge, Digital Engagement Coordinator, Royal Ontario Museum MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA