Everyone In? Getting Crowdsourcing Right

Join us to explore the process and potential of recruiting audiences to participate in achieving our museum's missions through crowdsourcing. What are some of the creative ways museums are incorporating crowdsourcing into museum exhibitions and their online presence? Is the process of crowdsourcing closer to delivering on the organizational mission than the final product? And if so, what are the measures of success? 1) Crowdsourcing and Mobile: What are the Metrics of Success Presenters: Daniel Davis, Multimedia Producer, Smithsonian Institution; Nancy Proctor, Head of Mobile Strategy & Initiatives, Smithsonian Institution Description: http://www.mcn.edu/crowdsourcing-and-mobile-what-are-metrics-success 2) Soapbox! The Audience Speaks, Crowdsourced Exhibition Interactive Presenters: Joaquin Ortiz, Director of Education, Museum of Photographic Arts; Vivian Kung Haga, Balboa Park Online Collaborative Description: http://www.mcn.edu/soapbox-audience-speaks-crowdsourced-exhibition-interactive 3) Tagger Cloud Presenter: Cristiano Bianchi, Director, Keepthinking Description: http://www.mcn.edu/tagger-cloud Session Chair: Vicki Portway, Head of Web & New Media, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Presented Thursday, November 8, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network conference in Seattle, WA. mcn.edu