Family Tour

Florence has created Family Tour, a new way of exploring cities and museums for families with children. A project of the Municipality of Florence developed by the Associazione Mus.e (Museum Association and the Istituto degli Innocenti (old orphanage with the Bottega dei Ragazzi ( in partnership with D’Uva ( Family Tour is a project conceived and created for families with children and adolescents. The idea springs from the desire to offer both resident and tourist families the chance to discover the extraordinary open-air museum of the old part of Florence, a heritage of mankind: buildings, monuments and ultra-famous places, which often risk going unnoticed by the younger generations. In view of the experience accumulated by both the Associazione Mus.e and the Istituto degli Innocenti (through its Children’s Workshop) in enhancing children’s appreciation of the cultural heritage, the town council thus decided to give the town a new means for speaking and interacting with this sector of the public. This is how Family Tour began. It proposes different types of tool for getting to know the wonders of the town: there are the Kits, proper “explorers’ backpacks” which guide you in 10 stages through the town centre, inviting families to observe, imagine, understand; then the Apps, interactive digital itineraries based on a specific theme , period or personage, which propose alternative tours to the usual ones, make links between the museums and the open-air cultural heritage, offers audio visual contents and games to engage with people visiting the heritage. Look the video at Speakers Session Leader : Ilaria D'Uva, CEO, D'Uva srl Co-Presenter : Valentina Zucchi, Mediation Department, Associazione Mus.e MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA