Human Centered Design SIG Webinar

Planning a Usability Test: Three Case Studies Join the Human Centered Design SIG and guest Kathi Kaiser of Centralis for a webinar on May 2nd. The best way to improve a product is to watch people use it, but planning a usability study can seem daunting. Museum professionals often wonder how to best address basic questions when planning user research, such as: - When should I do usability testing? - Where should testing happen? In the galleries? In a conference room? Remotely? - Who should I choose as participants for my study? - How many participants do I need? The honest answer to all of these questions is, it depends. To shed light on the factors you should consider, Kathi will share three case studies that took different approaches to usability testing, and why. You’ll hear how other organizations have tackled key questions and trade-offs, and learn how to adapt this important methodology to a variety of contexts. Kathi will also answer your questions about how to best plan usability studies in your own institutions.