Ignite MCN at Corona Theater in Montreal

8:08 Chad Weingard 14:41 Dana Allen-Greil 20:28 Don Undeen 26:59 Emily Lytle-Painter 32:17 Simone Wicha 37:51 Douglas Hegley 43:53 Tim Svenonius 55:33 Luis Marcelo Mendes Welcome Reception with Ignite MCN Time Wednesday 20th November 6:30pm to 9:00pm Place Virgin Mobile Corona Theater (map) Dana Allen-Greil @danamuses Educational Technologist, National Gallery of Art Douglas Hegley @dhegley Director of Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts Emily Lytle-Painter @MuseumofEmily Education Technologist, J. Paul Getty Museum Tim Svenonius @TimSven Producer, SFMOMA Don Undeen @donundeen Manager of MediaLab, Metropolitan Museum of Art Chad Weinard @caw_ Luis Marcelo Mendes @lumamendes Get the conference started vintage-style with Ignite MCN at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre. Built in the heart of Montreal's Little Burgundy neighbourhood in 1912 during the silent movie era, the theatre is the only one of its kind to have survived almost unchanged inside and out. As a modern-day creative centre for the performing arts, what better venue than this to host the collective creativity of MCN. Ignite MCN will showcase a series of rapid-fire, five-minute talks from some of the most provocative thinkers in the museum field. The talks will follow the "Ignite" format, in which presenters have five minutes and 20 slides (which advance automatically every 15 seconds) to enlighten, entertain and inspire. The event will feature nine speakers, sharing their experiences in a wide variety of disciplines. Speakers: •Dana Allen-Greil, Educational Technologist, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC •Douglas Hegley, Director of Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts •Emily Lytle-Painter, Educational Technologist, J. Paul Getty Museum •Luis Marcelo Mendes, Communications Consultant for Museums, Fundação Roberto Marinho •Tim Svenonius, Producer, Interpretive Media, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art •Don Undeen, Manager, Media Lab, Metropolitan Museum of Art •Chad Weinard, Manager of New Media, North Carolina Museum of Art •Simone Wicha, Director, Blanton Museum of Art