Interview With an Entrepreneur

As the museum technology field talks about digital transformation and the changes cultural organisations need to make to remain relevant and be sustainable, we talk about the need to be nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial. But what does that really mean? We also talk about looking outside our field for new ideas and new business models. The Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) is actively embracing these philosophies and even though it has a track record of mobile development and delivery, it has established a public/private relationship with Guru, a local for-profit, mobile experience startup. But the partnership started before Guru was founded with one individual, a former market trader turned serial entrepreneur and investor looking to enter the museum space and consolidate a number of companies to provide compelling way-finding and cultural and attraction-based mobile experiences. The experience has been mutually beneficial for both organisations, but particularly for BPOC watching an entrepreneur go from zero to an nine-person team, see real-world Minimal Viable Product development, investor pitch, market-analysis, market evaluation, revenue and business model development, product pitch, pivoting and last but not least, how to fail quickly and keep moving. In much less than a year, Guru and BPOC have delivered way-finding, museum and attraction mobile apps. What lessons can we learn from the techniques and philosophies of a real entrepreneur? They see no hurdles, they are incredibly optimistic and their speed of execution is impressive. Join this talk show-style interview with a real-life entrepreneur for some frank insight into what it really means to fail quickly and be nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial. Speakers Session Leader : Nik Honeysett, Director and CEO, BPOC Co-Presenter : Paul Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Guru MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA