Irreverent Storytelling: Ups & Downs of Unorthodoxy in Social Media

This session features panelists who have experienced the ups and downs of projects that embrace pop culture, internet memes, and other trappings of viral content. In doing so, they insert their museums into current events, model unconventional approaches to viewing art, and open up space for visitor voices in the galleries and online. This one hour panel will include the staff behind the Blanton Museum’s Snapchat and the Portland Art Museum’s Museum Makeover Project, as well as the multi-institutional projects #ArtMadness and #MuseumBowl. Friday, November 6, 2015 3:15pm - 4:15pm Nokomis MCN 2015 Minneapolis, MN MCN 2015 Media Sponsor: MCN 2015 Lead Conference Sponsor: