It’s Bigger on the Inside: Adventures in Time, Space, and the 3rd Dimension

Chair: Douglas Hegley, Director of Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts E-INK PAPER DOCUMENTS (EPD) DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Presenters: Stan Cohen, Visiting Professor of Technology, New Mexico Highlands University; Miriam Langer, Professor of Media Arts & Technology, Cultural Technology Development Lab, New Mexico Highlands University EXPERIMENTS WITH 3D: ADAPTING 3D TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE BRITISH MUSEUM’S YOUNGEST VISITORS Presenter: Katherine Biggs, Education Manager, Digital Learning Programmes, the British Museum SMITHSONIAN X 3D: THE TALE OF A 168-YEAR-OLD INSTITUTION, LASER SCANNERS, AND 3D PRINTERS Presenter: Günter Waibel, Director, Digitization Program Office, Smithsonian Institution MCN 2014 video documentation sponsored by Video produced by