Kickstarting Innovation within the Museum

"The Museum Unbound" ideally exists and thrives within an agile culture of innovation, one that is eager to grab hold of and experiment with new ideas. How can ideas from all corners of our organizations be recognized, encouraged and realized to promote a more grassroots effort for interpretive interactions? Within our current workloads, how can we design processes to create space and resources that are available for piloting and evaluating these ideas, some of which may be delightfully temporal? Can take-aways from these experiences be incorporated into our larger and more traditional projects? Presenters: - Elizabeth Neely, Director of Digital Information and Access, Art Institute of Chicago - Don Undeen, Manager, Media Lab at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art - Tim Svenonius, Producer, Interactive Educational Technologies, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Erica Gangsei, Manager of Interpretive Media, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Presented Thursday, Nov 8, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA. Slideshare: