Making it Work When You’re Already Working

Digital projects often involve a wide variety of departments working collaboratively (and sometimes not so collaboratively) to bring the project to fruition, from the IT department to education, and from marketing to curatorial. While some organizations have staff members whose job description includes work on digital projects, many do not have staff dedicated to digital and projects are implemented by teams who already have full time responsibilities. Panelists discuss strategies for making digital projects work when everyone on the team is already working. Panelists: Jennifer Foley, Director of Interpretation, Cleveland Museum of Art Lindsay O'Leary, Web Content Editor / Mobile Application Consultant, Carlow University / Mattress Factory Chad Weinard, New Media Manager, North Carolina Museum of Art Seema Rao, Director of Intergenerational Learning, Cleveland Museum of Art Presented Friday, Nov 9, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA.