Met’s Media Technology

The Met’s Media Technology team will present our initial foray into re-examining our data: how it is accessed, how we connect with different services within the museum, and how we serve our data to audience-facing products. We have adopted open-source technologies to leverage extant systems, while allowing us to develop for future situations where we can extend and open up our internal architecture for growth within the Met’s Digital department. In this case study, we will discuss Chocolatier, the application we built to provide data and content to the Met’s iOS and Android app, review the tools we use for project management, dev ops, and deployment, and talk through some of the decisions we made when designing and developing the services that make up Met Digital’s new APIs. Finally, we will share a bit of our future plans for connecting the Met’s data to our products and the world. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Johann Diedrick, Software Developer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA