Putting the Social in Social Media: The Rise of Social Media Museum Associations

Andrew Mandinach, Nicholas Griffith, Lisa Worley, & Adrianne Russell The goal of the panel is to explore the idea that museums can and should talk - regionally, nationally and internationally. Most museum missions have the idea of reaching broad audiences and serving their local publics, but what if institutions start talking across city/county/state lines? We can start reaching much broader audiences and connect our visitors to the missions, stories and collections of other institutions and vice versa. It’s not a marketing thing but a global community thing. Saturday November 7, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am Calhoun MCN 2015 Minneapolis, MN MCN 2015 Media Sponsor: http://www.intervision.com/ MCN 2015 Lead Conference Sponsor: http://www.piction.com/